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Debtmanagement of Dr. Krieg & Associates GmbH.

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    Our 24 hour services for your success
  • Automatic preparation of reminders.
  • Commissioning of judicial dunning procedure.
  • Immediate entry of debts.
  • Current-online-status at anytime.
  • Free registration!

  • Efficient. Reliable. Quick.
    Debtmanagement of Dr. Krieg & Associates GmbH.



    Any questions? We have the appropriate answers!   

  • What can I do when a debtor fails to pay even after being reminded?
  • What is the fastest way to acquire a title, which gives me security lasting 30 years?
  • How can I deal with spurious excuses given by the debtor?
  • Can someone help me obtain information on the company?
  • What trace and arrest-options do I have?



    What we can do for you!   

  • We will relieve your accounts departments of all hassel concerning defaulting debtors!
  • With this system you stay in control. You can track our progress and check our success rate 24/7.
  • We handle everything from under one roof, from unpaid items posted in your accounts, to solicitor's letters, default summons, judgement and execution, so that you do not need to engage any other service provers, saving time, money and effort!
  • All for a very low fixed fee! We operate the "no hay, no pay" principle, so you only pay if we succeed.



    What exactly does the process involve?   

    1. Transfer of the arrears for collection
    You transfer a list of arrears to be collected on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, either by email or using our online platform.

    2. Solicitor's' letter
    At first we write the debtor on Krieg-Inkasso headed paper. In 73 % of cases, seeing the letter heading is enough to make debtors pay up immediately.

    3. Default summons
    Failing this, we proceed against debtors using the online route to obtain judgement and in 15 % of all cases, this is sufficient to obtain legally enforcable titles.

    4. Sueing
    In the remaining 12 % of cases, we take to the competent courts for judgement on your behalf. And this ist he unique advantage of our service we offer: you do not have to instruct any other lawyer, because we operate nationally throughout Germany.

    5. Emergency
    There is an emergency hotline in case you need our help urgently: 0178 25 700 82.



    What you have to do to use our debt recovery online system?   

    To use our debt recovery online system you have to register as an user. Therefore you have to fill in an online form, which you will find under the menu item register. There you have to answer important details about you and respectively your company which we need for our future cooperation.

    Only a few minutes after sending the completed form you will receive an Email which contains the data to activate your useraccount and your username and password. This Email also contains a link which leads you directly to the page where you can activate your account,

    After your activation you will be automatically forwarded to the registration menu, where you can log in with your username and password to submit your first debts.



    Any questions?   

    Simply call us on 0049 (0) 221 - 340 30 60 or complete our contact form.

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